This project aims at developing an online community with gamification for Letaai.

Letaai is currently the only online platform that attempts to unify the community of mental health professionals. This project will apply Gamification to the development of the platform to increase engagement and user experience.  The project will have significant impact by providing digital infrastructure, strengthened by data analytics, to professionals for collaborative support of mental health. The platform will be used to:

  • encourage cross-disciplinary approaches to cases
  • encourage practitioners to use evidence-based research in their practice, bridging the gap between evidence and practice
  • seek rigor in new treatment techniques.

Gamification will enhance the platform design by generating data about activities, interactions and connections between the users and making them visible to both the users and the developers of the platform. 

  • Firstly, gamification will facilitate interactions between professionals from different disciplines to develop a more unified (online) community. 
  • Secondly, data analytics will characterise how professionals in different disciplines interact. Understanding how the community interacts will support the development of new ways to facilitate and enhance the cross-discipline interactions, ultimately leading to improved innovation to support mental health.  

The project is lead by Dr Agnessa Spanellis and Dr Louise Delicato.