The Games Studio is an integral part of the global research, innovation and discovery (GRID) facility. It provides the necessary resources, knowledge and infrastructure required to design, develop, research, test and produce games. The studio also serves as the centre point for expert knowledge exchange in games and gamification technologies, it makes available the latest hardware and software development tools, and it facilitates the use of various consumer and extended reality devices.

The studio can support the on-going projects with circa £100k per year of in-kind contribution by providing the available facilities for research purposes; these include twelve software development stations, three fully furnished playtesting and evaluation spaces, two VR evaluation spaces, AR/MR equipment, mobile and tablet development kits, console development kits, product requirement design sessions, development life-cycle support, and game and gamification expertise.  

Also, the activities in the Games Studio integrate with various cohesive spaces in the GRID these include the Immerse Reality Suite, the Creativity Studio, maker bays in the Flex Labs, the Digital Collaboration labs, and the Enterprise Hub. 


Global Research, Innovation and Discovery is a global research centre. It has been designed to create cohesion between academic disciplines, industry partners and the global community, providing an innovative teaching and learning environment for mathematics, engineering, physical sciences and computer science students and staff. GRID includes an Enterprise Hub to support business innovation, showcase emerging technology and inventions, and it can support the dissemination activities.